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Indulge! Now you can order the best French brunch treats in the city from Le Petit Croissant by using one of TWO online ordering options.

OPTION 1: ORDER FROM THE SOCO Virtual Farmer’s Market

This week, beginning May 11, 2020, I’ve listed the following for purchase.

Orange Cranberry Scones / Lavender Scones / Cranberry Almond Granola / Pineapple Coconut Granola / Jams

The virtual store is open for shopping every week, year-round, from Monday noon through Thursday noon. Customer pickup is on Saturdays.


Request an order form for any of the following by sending an email to me at

FATHER’S DAY MACARONS Indulge Dad with these delicious macarons made from premium ingredients and classic techniques. If you’re used to frozen or commercial macarons, you are in for a real taste treat! Minimum Order: 1 Dozen Cookies. For the link to the order form, please email me at

CROISSANTS These are the real deal, folks. Made with premium butter and a special flour, they are fragrant and buttery, flaky and delicate, all at the same time. I have hand-made all 7 of my farmer’s market booth flavors since 2014 — and I’ve taught innumerable classes on them — so it’s fair to say I’ve wrestled their secrets to the ground. I make a size that’s perfect for one, or easily cut in two if you wish to fill out a basket with a variety of flavors. For the link to the order form, please email me at

JAMS It’s jam season at Le Petit Croissant! I use only market-fresh fruit, and I don’t offer a flavor unless I’m certain it’s going to pop with fresh flavor. Customer feedback tells me that my jams are neither sickly sweet, nor puckeringly tart, so I think I’ve got it just right! 4 ounce jars that keep unopened for up to 1 year, and 15-20 flavors at the height of the season.

Visit my home page for more details about how to get the best French brunch treats in the city (my French focus group said in the country!) from Le Petit Croissant.