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Photo of Me Waldron With BannerBonjour, and welcome to Le Petit Croissant!  My name is Leah, and I have a passion for French baking.

I have been baking since I was a young girl. While other teenagers experimented with new outfits, I experimented with pâte à choux, apple strudel, and chocolate soufflés.

After frequent travel throughout France as an adult, I was inspired to replicate the golden brown and shatteringly flaky croissants I had enjoyed there every day for breakfast. Deliciously soft and fluffy on the inside, those croissants had been pure ambrosia when smeared with local apricot jam.  I achieved my goal, but then a move to Colorado presented me with a new challenge:  baking at high altitude (6,300 feet).

When I could once again enjoy a little taste of France at home, I began selling hand-rolled Butter, Chocolate, and Almond croissants at a local farmer’s market.  Le Petit Croissant was born!  Please click here to see a schedule of my 2017 market dates, times, and locations.

Now, I’m excited to share that my first cookbook — French Brunch At Home (#FrenchBrunchAtHome) — is in stock and shipping!  Printed in full color, it features my very best recipes for croissants, morning buns, pain au chocolat, scones, brioche, quiche, granola, jams, and more. Adjustments for high altitude bakers are included, and Baker’s Tips, lovely photography, and fascinating histories abound.  This book is the perfect gift for friends, family, work colleagues, and — of course — you!

I love connecting with like-minded people, so please join  my new Facebook group, “Baking 911: Tips, Fails, High Altitude Tricks.”  Here you can ask and answer questions, share your kitchen “fails” in a safe place, and gain insight into the vagaries of high altitude baking.  Or maybe you’d like to share your fails, just for laughs?  After all, what’s brunch at home without a few guests, some shared laughs, and interesting conversation?

Thanks for stopping by.  Bon Appétit!




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