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Photo of Me Waldron With BannerSet your own elegant — or just plain delicious — French brunch table by placing an online order in one of THREE ways with Le Petit Croissant!

Bonjour, and welcome to Le Petit Croissant!  My name is Leah, and I have a passion for French baking.  I love to share what I bake and learn with you — my customers!

My farmer’s market booth has given me on-the-spot, honest customer feedback since 2014. Taste the difference that dedication to recipe development, premium ingredients, and meticulous preparation bring to:

  • 8 flavors of buttery, flaky, hand-rolled Croissants
  • 50 addictive flavors of always-tricky Macaron cookies
  • 20 flavors of big-flavor Jam that’s always made with market-fresh fruit
  • 5 flavors of fluffy Scones
  • 2 flavors of delicious Granola
  • My 16″ crispy Baguettes
  • And more — always more.

To keep up with what’s new, please join my Facebook page: LePetitCroissantBake.

This summer, Farmer’s Markets might look a little different. 

For one thing, online ordering with pickup at the regular market location will be encouraged. Le Petit Croissant offers THREE ways to place an order online.

One:  “SOCO Virtual Farmer’s Market.

This virtual market runs year-round and features more than 40 local vendors. Customers make their selections on-line between Monday and Thursday, then pick up their orders on Saturdays. To place your order, click here, then select Le Petit Croissant from the list of vendors to see what I’m baking in any given week.

Two:  Place an order on the “Colorado Farm & Art Market” web site once it is launched, then pick up your order at this traditional outdoor market location where I have been a vendor since 2014. Keep an eye on my schedule for market dates this year — Opening Day may be delayed.

Three:  I am excited to finally launch an on-line ordering tab on this web site! “Place An Order” is still under construction, but will soon offer links to order forms so you can build your own brunch menu and order directly from me. “Touchless” payment and delivery will be implemented.

Do you enjoy learning, like I do? If yes, please remember that I also offer “Learn To Make Croissants” and “High Altitude Baking” private classes in my home kitchen for interested groups of 5-6 students. Please contact me at leah@lepetitcroissant.com when social distancing is no longer necessary. Class reviews are amazing!

I have received inquiries recently about my award-winning cookbook, French Brunch At Home. It is sold out, but don’t worry — I might write another one! With my expanded range of products and more sophisticated techniques, I am excited to think a new book  might have the same potential to be a winner.

And finally — Are you new to Colorado and struggling to bake at High Altitude?   If yes, please consider joining my Facebook group, Baking 911: Tips, Fails, High Altitude Tricks.”  As those of us who have moved from low altitude to high altitude can attest, high altitude can wreak havoc on your favorite recipes. This group is a great place to ask your craziest baking questions, since we’ve all “been there.”

Questions? Please feel free to contact me directly at leah@lepetitcroissant.com, or by filling in the contact form on this site.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you on-line, at my booth, or in a class sometime soon.  Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and bon appétit!


*This web site is under construction. Thank you for your patience as I build the pages one by one.*


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